How to choose right face masks for your kids? /如何给孩子选择正确的口罩

Children should have at least 3 masks a day for school to facilitate replacement and keep them clean, after all, once the mask is wet and dirty, its protection and filtration ability is very low.


But which specific masks are better?


What are the rating standards for masks?


When parents prepare masks for their children, according to what criteria should they choose them?


# ASTM F2100 # Standards for face masks


ASTM International is an organization that defines and sets standards for a variety of products, materials, systems, and services used by people performing their jobs every day. 


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a list of recognized standards in which ASTM standards are listed and recognized.


ASTM F2100 is a standard for rating the performance of facemasks, especially medical masks, based on the performance of the mask in five tested areas.


These five areas are

  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
  • Differential Pressure
  • Sub-Micron Particulate Filtration
  • Resistance to Penetration by Synthetic Blood
  • Flammability

Medical mask test summary

The highest rating of LEVEL 3 means that the mask can not only filter at least 98% of bacteria, but also filter out 98% of sub-micron particles. It plays a very good protection, filtration, and is the highest level of performance in medical masks.


So how to see this rating standard on the mask packaging?


Take the Dent-X children's masks that have been selling well recently and sold out everywhere as an example, as shown below, the packaging clearly indicates that the mask is ASTM LEVEL3.

Face Masks for Kids

Its description also clearly states that the average test results of this mask are excellent, with an efficiency of 99.98% in filtering bacteria and 99.85% in filtering sub-micron particles.


You can use this as a reference when buying a mask. 


If you understand the criteria of these masks, buying a mask for your child will not be a headache!

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