Travel to China? You need to know these restrictions & advice before boarding

Are you planning to travel to China? China has updated its entry restrictions since November 2022. According to a circular released by the National Health Commission (NHC) on Friday, November 11, 2022, the government shortens the mandatory quarantine period for international arrivals, cancels the circuit breaker mechanism for inbound flights, and requires only 1 negative PCR test within 48 hours before boarding. 

Still, sounds complicated? Here is several detailed advice for you on traveling to China. Prepare every step of your travel and you will be all set.

If you are traveling to mainland China (mainly flying to Beijing, Shanghai & Guangzhou), then:

  • Book a PCR Covid test appointment after you book a flight ticket. 

According to the Chinese Embassy in Canada, all passengers (including people with an infection history) who are to fly to China will only be required to take 1 nucleic acid test within 48 hours before boarding. 

  • Know about the PCR Covid test:

The test shall be done at the medical institution, hospital, or pharmacy recognized by the local public health authorities. The result of the rapid test will not be accepted. 

Our PCR Covid testing is approved by Health Canada and the Chinese Embassy, also recognized by airlines to China. The results usually come out at night if you take the test in the morning before 12 pm.

  • Get your test result and apply for the Health Code

The negative test result shall be uploaded while applying for a QR code with an "HDC" mark. Foreign passengers should apply for the QR code with the "HDC" mark by logging on to the website of    via computer or by scanning the 2-dimensional bar code.

The uploaded files and personal information are reviewed by officers from the Chinese Embassy or the Chinese Consulate. Usually, it takes 2-6 hours to get approved with a green QR code.  

  • Get your green QR code and get recognized before boarding 

The airport staff will recognize your green QR code and let you get on the plane. You will be all set from then. 

  • 5 days of hotel quarantine and 3 days of home quarantine in China. 


If you still have any questions about your travel to China, contact our advisor at 6136011136 or via email Our professionals have helped more than 30,000 international travelers over the past 3 years. 


It’s time to go and explore the adventure to China!


Travel to China advice

Travel to China advice





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